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Welcome to Worth Abbey Parish

Centred on the Benedictine monastic community at Worth Abbey, our parish is in the Sussex Weald near the village of Turners Hill, just south of Crawley. A parish of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, it is a living and learning community where faith can develop and the lives of its people be enriched.

Worth Abbey Parish is a friendly Christian church, a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can discover a way of living life more fully through developing a closer relationship with the person of Christ in a community of believers. Our common faith tells us that we are the loved people of a God who stops at nothing to show us this love; and through the mysterious working of the Lord Jesus in his Church we are allowed to share His Divine power.

Worth Abbey is a community where people worship, learn and share and where the important milestones of faith are celebrated. There are many opportunities in the parish for individuals of all ages, and families, to develop and explore faith and to learn more about the Church. All are welcome – whatever their background, knowledge and experience.


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Pope Francis’ September Prayer Intention 2018

That young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries.