Sunday Reflections

When the Sacred Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself speaks to his people, and Christ, present in his own word, proclaims the Gospel. Therefore, all must listen with reverence to the readings from God’s word, for they make up an element of greatest importance in the Liturgy. Although in the readings from Sacred Scripture God’s word is addressed to all people of every era and is understandable to them, nevertheless, a fuller understanding and a greater effectiveness of the word is fostered by a living commentary on the work, that is, the Homily, as part of the liturgical action (General Instruction on the Roman Missal, 29).

Sunday homilies from the Abbot of the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert.

To be a Dominican is to be a preacher: reflections by a Dominican sister.

Homilies by Bishop Robert Barron, Catholic theologian and author of ‘Catholicism: a journey to the heart of the faith’ (available in the Abbey Bookshop).