Parish Finances

Worth Abbey Parish finances are managed by the Parish Finance Committee (Chairman: Giles Horner). This is the only committee that canonically must exist in the parish.

Financial Update June 2021

Giles Horner, the chair of our Finance Committee, has kindly provided us with this brief report.  (The full annual report will follow at the usual time.)  I send my thanks to the Committee for their work on our behalf.  Fr Paul

In March, we reported on the impact of COVID-19 on the parish’s finances for 2020 and I’d like to update you on what we are seeing in 2021.

As we had expected, the resumption of services has led to higher costs than 2020 though we continue to find ways to cut back where we can. With a reduced mass count at services, our income from offertory remains lower than we had planned for and this is putting significant pressure on our finances. We now expect to have a deficit for the year of several thousand pounds.

We are very grateful to those of you who have made an inflationary increase to your giving, but I ask those of you who have not yet made that adjustment to consider making a small increase. Please can I again encourage all parishioners who donate via cash or envelopes to consider setting up a more regular donation via standing order/direct debit and to consider completing a gift aid form allowing us to reclaim 25% tax. This also allows a clearer view of our income and facilitates better planning. This can be done by contacting the Parish Office by phone or email,, and is a simple process.  Thank you all.

Worth Abbey Parish Annual Financial Report 2020

Chairman’s Report Financial Year 2020