All Christians wish to spread the message of God’s love through Christ, and the parish at Worth Abbey is no exception. The Faith Group RCIA is for those who are interested, intrigued or just curious about the Catholic Christian Faith, and also for those who definitely know they want to join.

RCIA is a series of meeting which can be “tailor made” for those who take part, and is specially prepared for anyone who would like to join the Catholic Church, either coming from a different branch of the Christian faith, or from none at all. At the same time you would be very welcome to bring any Catholic friends along to join the discussions. The length and the frequency of the meetings is quite flexible, according to the needs and wishes of those taking part. Do please get in touch if you would like to take part, or if you know someone who might. We look forward to hearing from you by contacting Fr Paul on 01342 710313 or emailing  parish@worth.org.uk