We have now begun our new course for those who wish to join the Catholic Church, or are considering doing so; and for those who simply wish to find out more about their faith. The course is based on programmes from Sycamore, and free discussion. Any new comers will be most welcome. The group will now meet on Sundays, after Mass, at 11 am in St Benedict’s, for about one hour. If you would like to join the group, or just come and see if it’s right for you, do please get in touch – Geoffrey Chapman (GPC) gchapman@worth.org.uk or the parish – Parish parish@worth.org.uk; or just come and join the group on the day.

In previous years, we have also found that the course is very suitable for anyone who is exploring the Catholic faith, even if they are not sure about becoming Catholic, as well as Catholics who wish to grow in their understanding.

If you are interested in joining, whether for RCIA or just to explore the Catholic faith more deeply, please contact Geoff by email at gchapman@worth.org.uk, or by phone on 01342 710273, or meet him after Mass in the Narthex.

Copies of Sycamore: the Catholic Faith Explained are available in the Abbey Bookshop at £16.95. In SYCAMORE you will find answers to the most common questions about life and faith, whether you want to deepen the faith you already have or are exploring the faith for the first time. Written in a conversational style with beautiful colour images.