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Christian Art will send you one newsletter a day with the Gospel reading of the day, alongside a work of art which is poignant, reflective and appropriate to that reading. There is also a short reflection on the artwork and the reading. Christian Art is an apostolate within the Roman Catholic Church, based in London.


Join Father Stephen Wang each day as he live streams on the You Tube channel ‘Pause for Faith’. It’s an informal conversation about living the Christian faith, with some Catholic history, the lives of the saints, Christian teaching, spiritual traditions, practical tips for everyday life, contemporary issues facing the Church and the world, some Q&A and interviews.

Benedictine Daily Meditation from  the Sisters of St Benedict’s Monastery, St Joseph, Minnesota




Daily Reflections from Conception Abbey



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Resources for daily Lectio Divina: Divine Reading

“Listen with the ear of the heart” (St Benedict)

Lectio is the practice of listening to a scriptural passage without preconceived thought or intellectual study. It is not Bible study; nor is it an opportunity to share or discuss. It is an opportunity to quiet oneself and be receptive to God speaking through the Holy Spirit.

Lectio Divina: Extracts from an article by Fr Stephen Ortiger in The Tablet 2001

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iPray is an application that will help you to pray with the Gospel of each day. It provides the Gospel of the day and commentary on it.