Parish Leadership Team

Some of those who took part in the Synod groups said that they were unaware of the identity of the members of the Parish Leadership Team. When some years ago the parish voted to adopt the Divine Renovation programme, we began to follow the leadership model which they recommend, replacing the elected PPC with a group who are responsible for the various pastoral ministries of the parish. Listed below are the members and their roles.

Ann and Charles McCarthy: 9.30am Sunday Mass. Marriage courses. Alpha courses. Welcome ministry, Safeguarding reps

Carol Morice: 5.00pm Saturday Vigil Mass

Meg Rew: Parish website, Parish Facebook page and Abbey bookshop

Rachel Davies: Junior Church. First Holy Communion catechist.

Kir Horner: CAFOD and Young People and other issues concerned with the developing world.

Leonora van Assche: Young People and ecology – Worth Pro Earth

Anna McDougall: Family Faith Formation

Jenny Chapman: Lectio, Bible study, Sunday refreshments, Eucharistic Adoration

Christie Grieve: Welcoming, RCIA, Alpha course and catechesis