“Every Baptised member of the Catholic faith is called to evangelise and is called to be a missionary disciple”. (Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium)

A Summit on Evangelization in the Family was held by the Word on Fire Community Facebook Group on 21st -23rd August 2020. Three videos were produced to cover the topic of each day:

Day 1: The secret of transferring your home into a ‘domestic church’. 

Day 2: The #1 indicator of whether your children will continue practicing the faith …

Day 3: Cultivating a Catholic Family

The Pastoral Conversion of the Parish Community in the Service of the Evangelising Mission of the Church

This new instruction from the Congregation for the Clergy tackles many of the issues surrounding the renewal or “conversion” of parish and diocesan structures into more missionary entities, including ways of assigning pastoral ministry within the parish, the role of the pastoral council, the provision of the sacraments, and the suppression or merging of parishes.

Once the Abbey Bookshop is able to open copies will be available for sale at £5.95. In the meantime, the document can be read here.

Austen Ivereigh, author of The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope (2015) has written an excellent article on evangelisation: To Discern and Reform: the ‘Francis Option’ for Evangelizing a World in Flux

Divine Renovation is the answer to a question that parishes across the world have grappled with for decades. How do we continue to bring people to Jesus Christ in a society and culture where they are constantly moving away from that relationship. From declining numbers to passive experiences of church, the obstacles for parishes are real. What would it look like if a parish was full of missionary disciples on fire for mission? What could a pastor accomplish if they had the energy and capacity to lead? These are the questions that our books, podcasts, resources, and coaching help parishes wrestle with.

Anyone attending church should be made to feel welcome, not just by the clergy but by every member of every church. Everybody Welcome Online is a course to transform parishes by improving our approach to newcomers. Believing that welcoming is a ministry for every member of the church, it offers guidance for all the congregation and will help every individual play their part.

Worth Abbey Parish offers an invitation into community and sacred space where we encounter Christ, the source of our journey and mission.

Parish Team of Ministries (PTM) represents the groups and activities which are areas of our Parish life. Their role is to engage with and actively listen to the groups they represent and share the rich diversity of contributions as plans are developed that have at their heart our primary focus of Evangelisation, within the context of the Diocesan Mission and the Worth Discipleship Project. Members of the Parish Team of Ministries are: Charles McCarthy (Chairman); Kir Horner (International Development and Social Outreach); Meg Rew (Communications); Rachel Davies (Catechetics, Junior Church and Safeguarding); Carol Morice (Liturgy – Saturday 5.00 pm Mass); Leonora van Assche; Ann McCarthy (9.30am Mass)

For those wishing to become a member of the Catholic Church we have a Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) with a supporting programme. To register an interest please contact Fr Paul on 01342 710313 or email  parish@worth.org.uk