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“God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. (St John Henry Newman)

We are called to use the gifts which have been entrusted to us to build up the body of Christ. We have each been uniquely blessed with talents, skills, temperaments and life experiences. Many parishioners contribute their skills and time to make our parish flourish, enhancing our lives and connections with each other in the process.

There are many opportunities both within the parish and in the wider community to respond to the call to be ‘good and faithful stewards’ – in our worship, offering hospitality, in prayer groups and  faith formation groups, social outreach, caring for the sick.

Get Involved Winter Spring issue 2023

Liturgical Ministries: assisting the parish in the liturgy Worship is at the heart of the parish. Liturgical ministry is being involved with or assisting at Mass. All parishioners are encouraged to participate in one or more of the liturgical ministries. These include welcomers, readers, altar servers, cantors and music ministers and extraordinary ministers of Communion.

If you would like to take an active role during the liturgy, please contact the team leaders. We would love to see more people contribute to these ministries so please do not be afraid to come forward. You will be offered appropriate training. For details of each of these ministries and the person to contact if you would like to be involved, please click here

Faith Formation: understanding and deepening our faith The Church encourages us to continually renew our faith so that we may grow as Christians. If we are to become the evangelising Church that we are meant to be we need lifelong education, formation and spiritual development. A confident understanding of our faith will enable us to help those who are searching for a religious home or looking to reactivate their faith.

We offer many opportunities to support our developing faith, to take a lead  or to join in.  Find out about the Alpha Experience, other faith formation groups and who to contact if you would like to participate in any of the groups here

Serving the Parish: helping our community to grow closer and stronger We serve God by serving others. We each have a responsibility to do what we can to share our God-given gifts so that our parish grows and flourishes Opportunities to answer the needs of the parish by being willing to offer our gifts, talents and time can be found here

Faith in Action: reaching beyond the parish “It is not enough to say we are Christians. We must live the faith, not only with our words, but with our actions.” (Pope Francis). We are called to love God and to love our neighbours. This is especially true in caring for the needs of the poor, the vulnerable, the marginalised and the oppressed.

For ways to show our love, concern and compassion for those in need, both close to home and beyond the parish, click here


Strengthening our faith through praying with each other Prayer groups meet to read the Scriptures, to pray the Rosary, to meditate and to worship. You will find details of the prayer groups in the parish on our Prayer Groups page. Requests for prayers appear in In Touch and on our Pastoral Care page