Outreach Peru

Outreach Peru is the development fund of Worth Abbey, working in Peru for over 50 years, nurturing faith and hope for a better life among the poor.

Outreach Peru supports well-targeted projects in nutrition, health and education, supports the life of the Church, provides aid to vulnerable people (e.g. earthquake relief, Covid PPE) and sustainable development projects which experience shows really do help people out of poverty.

We know that the presence of women at the heart of development strategies is a vital part of long-term sustainability.

The Church is one of Peru’s most reliable organisations. By nurturing moral and spiritual formation, especially of young Peruvians, Outreach Peru is developing Peru’s greatest resource, its people.

2023 will see eight projects take shape among the rural poor and in a society that is extremely politically and socially conflicted.

“Your financial contributions towards our important work among the poor of Peru are always greatly appreciated.” – Father Alexander