Gift Aid

This is a wonderful way of supporting our parish because it means that every £10 you give will mean an extra £2.50 for us to use on our parish.

What is Gift Aid?


Gift Aid is a very easy way for donors to give to charities in a tax efficient manner. Gift Aid donations are treated as having had basic tax rate deducted, which the Church can reclaim. For every £10 you give the Church will receive another £2.50 from the Government. Gift Aid can apply to one-off donations or to a series of regular donations.

How does Gift Aid work?

In order for a donation to qualify under Gift Aid the donor needs to make a Gift Aid Declaration (GAD) setting out those donations on which the charity is authorised to reclaim tax and confirming that they have paid enough tax to cover the charity’s scheme. The tax paid by the donor may be Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax or tax paid on UK company dividends.

The Diocesan Gift Aid system is simple and clear. A single GAD will cover all gifts by a donor to any fund in the Diocese – parishes, schools and Diocesan funds. GADs can be written by the donor or given orally either face to face or over the telephone.

Both these GADs:

  • Cover all donations during the preceding four years from the date of signing the GAD
  • Cover all future donations for the lifetime of the donor
  • Have no upper or lower thresholds for donations
  • Do not require a commitment or promise to a certain sum annually
  • Cover all donations – large or small, regular or one-off
  • May be cancelled at any time
  • Do not require a signature, only a date
  • Remind the donor to check their status for Income and Capital Gains Tax
  • Explain the need for the Diocese to record donations
  • Give the donor a unique personal identification number that applies to all the parishes, schools, or central Diocesan funds contributed to by the donor

Who can make a Gift Aid Declaration?

A GAD can be made by an adult (i.e. anyone aged 18 or over) who is a UK resident and a tax payer. These include: those paying tax under PAYE; the self employed paying tax; retired persons paying tax on a pension; those who pay tax on unearned income; those liable to capital gains tax on sales of assets or investments.

Click here to print GAD form

Please send your completed form to The Gift Aid Organiser, Parish Office, Worth Abbey, Paddockhurst Road, Turners Hill, West Sussex RH10 4SB