First Holy Communion


Holy Communion is the sacrament in which Jesus is made sacramentally present as a sign of his love for us. It is received within the context of the Mass when the saving sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross is remembered and when we sacramentally enter into it.


Please let the parish know if your son or daughter would like to make their First Holy Communion in 2022. The date of the celebration will be in May, by which time your child should have completed their eighth year. The course will begin in September 2021, and we will issue more details once the inscriptions come in and the possibilities of meeting become clearer. Contact the Parish Office on 01342 710313 or email



Father Paul and Rachel Davis, Catechist, with the parish children who made their First Holy Communion at Mass in the Abbey Church on Sunday, 12th May 2019.















First Holy Communion Party, Saturday, 18th May 2019