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Video live streaming of the Parish Sunday Vigil Mass celebrated each Saturday at 5.00pm can be viewed here. **Privacy Impact Assessment of Live Stream**

Please pray for John and Sue Rutherford who are both in hospital following a car accident.

Communion under both kinds

We  have reintroduced the option for all of receiving communion under both kinds at all weekday Conventual Masses, Monday to Saturday.  On Sundays, we will reintroduce it, appropriately, on the feast of Corpus Christi (2nd June 2024). Since it is over four years since this was last offered, here is a reminder of the  Norms for the Distribution of Holy Communion Under Both Kinds



Pope Francis has reiterated his call for a ceasefire in Gaza, appealing for “tireless efforts” to end the Israel-Hamas war and lamenting the suffering of the civilian population. Speaking during a General Audience in Rome on Wednesday 3rd April, the Pope also highlighted his “deep regret” at the deaths of seven staff members from the charity World Central Kitchen who were killed while engaged in the distribution of humanitarian aid in Gaza – those killed included three British nationals, an Australian, a Polish national, an American-Canadian dual citizen, and a Palestinian. Read more

God of peace, bearer of hope, we seek your help for the peoples of the Middle East. Quiet the clamour of war  and guide us towards peace. Where there is hatred and division sow seeds of calm and openness. Where there is destruction help us to rebuild. Where children are crying bring an end to tears. Shelter your peoples and protect them. Guide them and keep them from harm. Show us how to break down  the barriers of history and fear and breathe whispers of hope. Amen.  Linda Jones / CAFOD

Weekly updates

“Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations: baptise them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Based on the gospel for Sunday 26th May, The Most Holy Trinity: Matthew 28:16-20

Sunday Mass Sheet for Trinity Sunday 26th May 2024 (tba)

Bishop Richard’s Weekly Reflection for Trinity Sunday 26th May 2024 can be read or watched here

About The Parish

We, the parish of Worth Abbey, in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, welcome parishioners from a wide area.  We benefit from a unique location among the Benedictine monastic community of Worth.  We wish to become, by the grace of God, a strong Community, united in prayer to Jesus and to one another, by relations of love and commitment.

Our mission is to foster values of welcome and hospitality towards our fellow Christians, and to those of other faiths and none.

We are committed to service and outreach to the poor and those in need; to evangelisation; to the young; and to the protection of God’s Creation.

We seek to build upon existing work to nurture a flourishing parish 

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Please remember that the green bin in the Parish Office porch is available for your food bank donations.


Prayer requests can be found on the Pastoral Care page.

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NO MOW MAY A crucial reminder for this May: refrain from mowing your lawns. Why? It’s an opportunity to nourish pollinators, combat pollution, mitigate urban heat, and sequester carbon below the surface. While it may be tempting to trim the grass, gardeners are encouraged to set aside their lawnmowers and let bee-friendly wildflowers flourish. Recent research supporting Plantlife‘s annual No Mow May campaign, suggests that adjusting mowing habits can produce tenfold more nectar for bees and other pollinators.


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God of Mercy,
We pray for Ukraine. For all of humanity distorted by war.
For all the lives lost, homes seized and peace broken.
May the Spirit of comfort and compassion envelop all who dwell in fear. May the Spirit of wisdom and humility enliven our global leaders. May we affirm the dignity and rights of all. May we seek peace.