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Biomass Heating Project 10th-21st May: For users of the Abbey entrance, please be aware that there will be trenching works across Paddockhurst Road. One side of the road will be closed and a 3-way traffic system will be in place to manage traffic.

CORONAVIRUS: Masses are celebrated on Saturdays at 5.00pm, Sundays at 9.30am, and on Tuesdays at 10.00am (after Mass the Church will remain open for private prayer until 12 noon).  For further details please see Mass Times

Liturgy Live Streaming in the Abbey Church We are streaming full video only for the daily Monastic Mass and Solemn Vespers (on Sundays + Solemnities), while continuing audio only for the other monastic prayer times. Details are available here. Video live streaming of the Parish Sunday Vigil Mass celebrated each Saturday at 5.00pm can be viewed here.

Thursday, 13th May, is the Feast of the Ascension, and a Holy Day of Obligation. There will be Mass at 10.00 am that day. (This will replace the normal Mass on Tuesday at 10.00 am.) There will also be the usual Vigil Mass on Wednesday, 12th, at 7.30 pm.

**Privacy Impact Assessment of Live Streaming**

Please remember that the green bin in the Parish Office porch is available for your food bank donations.

Abbatial Election

Parishioners are asked to join the monastic community in prayer ahead of the abbatial election on Tuesday 8th June. This comes at the completion of Abbot Luke’s 8 year term. The community is preparing through prayer and reflection for the election, and looks forward in faith and hope to the next 8 years under a new abbot. (Please note that, due to the election, the parish mass, which is normally celebrated on Tuesdays at 10.00 am, will be celebrated on Mondays, 31st May and 7th June, on these weeks, instead of on the Tuesday).


In their Reflection: Day of the Lord, the Bishops of England and Wales encourage us all to place Sunday Mass at the heart of our post-pandemic lives.



Join Pope Francis in the Rosary Marathon for an End to COVID-19 Pope Francis has requested that the Church comes together to pray the rosary every day throughout May for an end to the pandemic. The Pope will be joining 30 shrines across the world throughout the month of May, with a different intention to be prayed for each day. The marathon began on Saturday 1st May, at the national shrine of the Basilica of Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk.

Learn more about the Rosary Marathon.


COVID-19 in India: how CAFOD is responding to the deadly second wave. CAFOD is supporting Caritas India’s response to the second wave of coronavirus in the country. They will be distributing medical kits and setting up temporary treatment centres as well as providing PPE to frontline health workers. They are also helping families to provide home-based care for mild cases, raising awareness of the vaccine, and how to avoid further spread of the virus. Donate to the Coronavirus Appeal

Sunday 9th May is the International Day of Prayer for Eastern Christians organised by Oeuvre d’Orient in Paris, with the participation of Christians from all over Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and India. The Eastern Christians are direct descendants of the Early Christians and trace their roots back to apostolic times. There are more than 26 million Eastern Christians living in the Middle East and surrounding regions. For Western Christians, they provide a direct link to the Early Church, leading us to the roots of Christianity and showing us, through their tradition and witness, a living faith in Christ. Click here for more information.

10th – 16th May is National Marriage Week


Refugees Welcome Crawley offers welcome and support to refugees, asylum seekers or other migrants who need some extra help to cope with life in a new country. Read their annual report on our Refugees page




Worth Abbey Open Cloister Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers (online) Saturday 8th May 2021 During the Lent retreat earlier this year we looked at several of the 8 thoughts – gluttony, anger and vainglory and saw how relevant John Cassian’s observations were about these vices for us today.  In this retreat we will look at all the 8 thoughts and how they work together in combination. For more information and a booking form click here.



A Baptism course will be held in September 2021 for families living in the Worth Abbey Parish and for regular parishioners. For further information click here.




Amoris Laetitia Family Year 2021 -2022

On 19th March 2021, the Church celebrated five years since the publication of the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia on the beauty and joy of love in the family. On the same day Pope Francis launched the Year ‘Amoris Laetitia Family’, which will conclude on 26th June 2022 on the occasion of the 10th World Meeting of Families in Rome with the Holy Father. You can find out more here

Weekly updates

Organ Music for the 5th Sunday of Easter (Year B) 1st/2nd May 2021

Prayers, Anniversaries and Readings 1st/2nd May 2021

Sunday Mass Sheet for the 5th Sunday of Easter (Year B) 2nd May 2021

Listen to Bishop Richard’s Weekly Podcast for the Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year B), 2nd May 202l or read it here. 

Prayer Request Form

If you have a prayer request please follow the link below and use the form on the following page. Prayer requests can be found on the Pastoral Care page.

Prayer Request

Prayer Line: If you would like to pray with Father Paul he is available each day, except Sunday, from 10.00am – 11.00am. Please call him on 01342 710313.

About The Parish

We, the parish of Worth Abbey, in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, welcome parishioners from a wide area.  We benefit from a unique location among the Benedictine monastic community of Worth.  We wish to become, by the grace of God, a strong Community, united in prayer to Jesus and to one another, by relations of love and commitment.

Our mission is to foster values of welcome and hospitality towards our fellow Christians, and to those of other faiths and none.

We are committed to service and outreach to the poor and those in need; to evangelisation; to the young; and to the protection of God’s Creation.

We seek to build upon existing work to nurture a flourishing parish community.


The Clock is Ticking: Countdown to COP26.  Find out what COP26 means and why the UN climate summit matters. Remember to save water wherever possible. Tap water requires a lot of energy to make it safe for domestic use so limit the amount of water used to make a cup of tea/coffee to the amount needed, rather than filling the kettle.

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Let us pray that those in charge of finance will work with governments to regulate the financial sphere and protect citizens from its dangers.