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CORONAVIRUS: the Parish Office is now open on Wednesday and Thursday from 9.30am to 1.00pm. The Parish Office can be contacted by email parish@worth.org.uk

Fr Paul can be contacted on 01342 710313 or email parish@worth.org.uk

Please note that we are no longer asking people to register for Mass. 

Please remember that the green bin in the Parish Office porch is available for your food bank donations.


World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees, Sunday 27th September. Pope Francis’ Message, a prayer for migrants and refugees and other information can be found in Latest News.



The Abbey Church Is Open for Public Mass

The Abbey Church is open for some celebrations of the Eucharist. These will take place each week on Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 9.30am and Tuesday at 10am. (To protect the health of vulnerable monks, the monastic mass will be celebrated later.)

Message from Father Paul, 23rd September:

Dear Parishioners

It is very good to be able to offer a celebration of mass which is now a little warmer than it was before, and I would like to express my sincere thanks to the musicians and the stewards who make this possible.   To help the stewards to do their job without being distracted from the celebration of the mass, may I ask you all to make every effort to arrive early, so that they also may take their full part in the Eucharist ?  Thank you very much for your understanding.  At a recent meeting of our parish team it was suggested that the long benches at the back of church might be left for families so that they can sit together.  You will see a notice on some of them to this effect.

 If anyone finds it difficult to come up to the front to receive communion, please let the steward know, and stand up in your place at the beginning of communion so that the minister can see that this is what you wish.  If anyone needs communion taking to their home, please get in touch with the office and we will do our best, within the current limitations, to arrange a visit.  I understand that some have wondered why I do not distribute communion myself.  This is not from choice ! but because the monastic community feel it is necessary for me to take this precaution in order to protect the health of the most vulnerable members of our community.  I hope you will understand.

Another suggestion of the team is that, while we are not permitted to make the conventional sign of peace at mass, we might acknowledge the presence of other members of the congregation at this moment by making a gesture – a bow, or a wave, or just a smile.

Finally, may I thank you all for your patience, understanding and cooperation at this difficult moment.  I send my prayers to you all.  Fr Paul

Important updates on COVID-19 from the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton

The Diocese has requested that parishes collect details of people attending church services. The simplest way for those who can use QR codes is to utilise the NHS Covid-19 App, launched on Thursday 24th September. The official NHS QR poster will be displayed at the entrance to the Narthex. For those parishioners who might find the QR code a little tricky we will need a written record. In this case, names will be recorded by the stewards and records will be retained for 21 days.

You must wear a face mask when attending Mass


Why not buy a face mask from The Saffron Stitch and support Refugee Tales and the Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group? Find out more here.



If you are able to help to bring Christ to others in a safe way during these difficult times please complete the Stewarding for Mass form. Thank you for your generosity.

Please note that the Sunday concelebrated monastic mass now takes place at 11.30am. Details of audio live streaming of daily Mass and the Divine Office in the Abbey Church can be found here

Mass Sheet 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) 20th September 2020

Wednesday Worship in Worth School, 23rd September 2020

Statement from Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, Department for Social Justice on Covid 19 and Vaccination

CAFODs’s Cancel the Debt Campaign

“Not to share one’s wealth with the poor is to steal from them and to take away their livelihood. It is not our own goods which we hold, but theirs”. (St John Chrysostom)

The coronavirus pandemic threatens to push millions of people into poverty around the world. Cancelling debt is critical for enabling the world’s poorest countries to respond to the crisis.

Many of the world’s poorest nations are not only dealing with the coronavirus emergency but are also facing unimaginable financial hardship as a result of the global economic slowdown. The quickest way to deal with this worrying financial outlook is to keep money in developing countries by cancelling debt payments now.

Between now and October, CAFOD would like you to send them a photo of you creatively displaying the words Cancel The Debt. Photos of supporters from across England and Wales will be collected together in October to send a message to world leaders that it’s time to #CancelTheDebt.

Find out how to get involved on CAFOD’s Time to Cancel the Debt Campaign page

Counting Mass Collections

Could anyone help to count the collections taken at Mass, please? John Fitzpatrick writes: We need to appeal for an additional two or three volunteers to assist in the counting and banking of mass collections. Continue reading



Parish Finances: details of how to support the parish by standing order and through the  Diocesan justgiving website can be found  here.

Prayer Request Form

If you have a prayer request please follow the link and use the form on the following page.

Prayer Request

Please pray for:

Elizabeth that her family will be reunited and that she will keep her current job.

Iris Higgins, who was a parishioner in Crawley Down for many years, and who is now suffering from cancer. Please pray for strength and peace of mind for her.

Krysta that she may find a way to renew a close relationship with her daughter and for all mothers and daughters.

Kerry, Karen and Barbara.

Healing for Denise from physical pain and mental anguish

Earlier prayer requests can now be found on the Pastoral Care page.

Prayer Line: If you would like to pray with Father Paul he is available each day, except Sunday, from 10.00am – 11.00am. Please call him on 01342 710313.

Prayer and Worship Resources


Resources for prayer and worship during the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus resources for children, young people and their families.

Diocesan Updates


Bishop Richard Moth reflects on the Gospel in the light of the challenges and difficulties of the world especially during the current pandemic and the need in such times to act with justice and being Christ to the world.

Bishop Richard’s podcast for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A), 20th September 2020. “The greatest journey of our lives is the journey to God. It is what our lives are all about. It is what gives us a purpose and fulfilment beyond anything we might imagine.”

Bishop Richard will be offering a private ‘Mass in a Time of Pandemic’ every Friday until the outbreak of COVID-19 passes.

Follow the links to some of the parishes in the Diocese which are live streaming Mass (see below Coronavirus – Live Streaming Mass and Services)

The Diocese recommends a number of ways we can foster a sense of wellbeing at this time. Here are some ideas and places to find information and support.


About The Parish

We, the parish of Worth Abbey, in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, welcome parishioners from a wide area.  We benefit from a unique location among the Benedictine monastic community of Worth.  We wish to become, by the grace of God, a strong Community, united in prayer to Jesus and to one another, by relations of love and commitment.

Our mission is to foster values of welcome and hospitality towards our fellow Christians, and to those of other faiths and none.

We are committed to service and outreach to the poor and those in need; to evangelisation; to the young; and to the protection of God’s Creation.

We seek to build upon existing work to nurture a flourishing parish community.



Compassionate and loving God, you created the world for us all to share, a world of beauty and plenty. Create in us a desire to live simply, so that our lives may reflect your generosity.

Creator God, You gave us responsibility for the earth, a world of riches and delight. Create in us a desire to live sustainably, so that those who follow after us may enjoy the fruits of your creation.

God of peace and justice, You give us the capacity to change, to bring about a world that mirrors your wisdom. Create in us a desire to act in solidarity, so that the pillars of injustice crumble and those now crushed are set free. Linda Jones (CAFOD)



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