Your New Sunday Missal Advent 2024

Your New Sunday Missal Redemptorist Publications is offering a special pre-order price of £19.95 for a limited time only!

Pre-order on or before 31st May 2024 to receive the special low price of £19.95, after this date it will increase back to the retail price of £24.95! Stocks are due in Autumn 2024.

The ESV Bible translation is designed to help anyone prepare for Sunday Mass and take an active part in its celebration. The Missal contains a short introduction to the special character of each Sunday, and the Mass text is laid out in a straightforward way. This Missal has a leatherette cover, gold-embossed lettering, colourful ribbons and high-quality Bible paper which means that it should become a treasured companion for a lifetime. The texts for all Sunday services in the Roman Catholic Church for the three-year cycle are included in this Missal. Alongside these are a number of additional resources, including the two Eucharistic Prayers for reconciliation, and four for Masses for various occasions. The main ordinary texts of the Mass are also given in Latin. Additionally, we have provided an original prayer for each day of the week, a selection of litanies and prayers by St Alphonsus Liguori including his Stations of the Cross.

The Catholic Truth Society (CTS) and other publishers will also be producing People’s Missals in due course including Sunday, Weekday and Daily Missals.

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