Parish Library

Continually strengthening our knowledge of the mystery of God and the role of Jesus in our salvation is an essential part of the modern day parish. It is vital in developing the role of various ministries within the church – the catechist, the liturgy planner, the Eucharistic minister to name only a few. The Parish Library aims to provide resources which will further this development.

The library provides a selection of books to enable parishioners to deepen their understanding of their faith. It also has books of devotional readings and some related resources to support academic studies.

All parishioners are welcome to borrow books from the library which is situated in the sitting room of St Benedict’s, the Parish Office. You can visit any time from Monday – Friday between 9.15 am – 1.15 pm and books can be borrowed by signing  and dating the Borrowing Book.

 Alphabetical Title/Author/Dewey Classification  List of holdings February 2019




Worth Abbey Bookshop


Further resources are available in the Worth Abbey Bookshop which is situated in the Narthex of the Abbey Church.