Worth Pro-Earth: Journey to 2030

In his Message for the 53rd World Day of Peace Pope Francis asked us to celebrate the Day as part of a journey of hope and ​ecological conversion​. He called us to contemplate that God has given us the gift of the world as our common home. We need radical inner conversion to halt and redress our often abusive exploitation of this common residence and its natural resources. A group of Worth Abbey parishioners has recently decided to join this journey towards conversion.


Two short illustrations of our lack of respect for God’s gift are: every return flight from London to New York costs the Arctic three square metres of ice; for every half degree of warming, societies see from a 10% to a 20% increase in armed conflict.Read more 

The Journey to 2030 is a lay run campaign that aims to get the Catholic Church making progress along this ‘long path to renewal’, by providing the necessary resources to parishes and individuals in order to engage with this urgent challenge of our ecological crisis.