Reclaim Our Common Home

CAFOD’s new campaign is a response to Pope Francis’s call for a new way of thinking about the world, and to take an active part in renewing our troubled societies by embracing the universal values of solidarity and fraternity expressed in his encyclical ‘Fratelli tutti’.

As Catholics, we are called not to stay silent and not to be passive. This is why Reclaim Our Common Home is a call to action! It’s a call to participate both individually and collectively in rebuilding a more dignified and sustainable world after the pandemic.

As the host of two major international conferences, the British government has a crucial role to play in 2021. In the summer, Britain will host the G7 annual meeting where the leaders of the seven richest countries will gather to discuss how to rebuild after the pandemic. This will be followed by the UN ‘COP26’ climate talks taking place in Glasgow in November, where world leaders will come together to agree how they will work towards ending the climate crisis.

Urge the Prime Minister to put the people hardest hit at the heart of the COP26 climate talks. Sign the petition here.

Read Pope Francis’ Call to Fraternity: the making of ‘Fratelli tutti’ by Austen Ivereigh and an analysis of the encyclical by CAFOD.

Learn how to lobby your MP in support of CAFOD’s campaign to rebuild a better world from the Coronavirus pandemic.