Parish Meetings

A Parish Meeting, to which all parishioners are invited, takes place annually. It is held in the Unity Room following the 9.30 Sunday Mass at the Abbey and lasts for about an hour. The meeting is an opportunity to keep parishioners informed of new initiatives and to bring them up to date on on-going activities. Written reports on the Parish and the budget for the current year are made available prior to the meeting.

The 2018 Parish General Meeting was held on Sunday, 22nd April. We were very privileged to welcome Hannah Vaughan-Spruce from the organisation Divine Renovation. 

Hannah explained that Divine Renovation is based on the experiences of St Benedict Parish in Halifax, Nova Scotia and their priest, Fr James Mallon, and described in his book Divine Renovation – From a Maintenance to a Mission Parish. Its purpose is, in keeping with the urgings of a succession of Popes and our own Bishop Richard Moth, to help parishes to focus outwardly and develop their evangelizing and missionary vocation. Continue reading


Worth Abbey Parish Annual Report 2017


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