CAFOD Family Fast Day Friday 26th February

This Lent in lockdown, you can help transform lives! The coronavirus pandemic has shown how important it is to have access to clean, safe water. During these challenging times, your donation to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal is needed more than ever.


Abdella lives in an extremely remote and mountainous part of Ethiopia. It takes him 10 hours a day to collect water. He says his life is being wasted as he has no time for anything else. Listen to his story.



Find out more about Abdella’s story. Your Lent gift could transform his life and the lives of people like Abdella and his family.

£20 can buy water containers for two families.

£40 can buy safe water for a school.

£70 will help someone like Abdella to start a small business.

£200 can buy bikes for a team of three water engineers to service water pumps in remote communities.

With your donations to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal we can reach out to communities around the world to help them thrive even in the most difficult environments. Donate here.


Loving God, we hear your call to all who thirst for a brighter future: Come to the water.
Pour out your Spirit upon us and lead us to walk alongside one another. Let a desire for change well up within us. May we overflow with compassion and love. And as a stream wears away stone, may we reshape our world together to reflect your kingdom
of hope for all. Amen