Audio and Video Live Streaming from Worth Abbey

At present, the covid-19 pandemic means that we cannot welcome you to join us for mass, office and private prayer at Worth Abbey. From 16th December the Abbey has successfully installed video as well as audio streaming. We are initially video streaming Mass and Solemn Vespers (Sundays + Solemnities), while continuing to audio stream the monastic office. audio live streamed from the Abbey Church. We hope that you will enjoy listening by using the link below. We continue to pray for you each day, and ask that – of your kindness – you will pray for all of us.

Video and Audio Live Streaming of the Office and Daily Mass

Ordinary times of the liturgies

Order of Psalms for Matins/Vigils (Worth Abbey).

For those of you following Matins on our live streaming.  Thank you for joining your prayers to ours.  The arrangement of psalms on Universalis for Matins, or Office of Readings, is different to the one which we use at Worth.  (The Roman Breviary uses a four week cursus, but monks are supposed to be more energetic early in the morning, so we use a two week cursus : i.e. twice as many psalms !)  You will also notice that the numbering of the psalms is slightly different.  Universalis follows the numbering of the Vulgate, St Jerome’s Latin translation of the Bible, which quickly became the “official” Bible of the Western Church, and this numbering is still common in liturgical use in the Catholic Church.  But most recent translations of the Bible, e.g. the RNJB, use the numbering of the Hebrew Bible (which has always been used by Protestant translators.)