Worth Pro-Earth: Journey to 2030 Lenten Reflections

An invitation to Worth Parish Lenten Reflections in this Year of The Word when we are also called by Pope Francis to Ecological Conversion.

Pope Francis in his New Year’s Day Message 2020 asked us to remember that this Year of the Word was also part of a journey of hope and ecological conversion. Conscious that our broken world is in need of conversion in so many ways these times of prayer and reflection should help us to pray and act for the good of all creation.

“There is nothing unaffected by our ecological crisis. We know that our life styles impact upon workers’ rights, nature, sexual equality, food security, mental health, disease, beauty, fresh water. If you care for any of these things then care for the planet should be part of your very being.” JP de Quay of the Ecological Conversion Group.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic Sessions 4, 5 and 6 have been cancelled. These sessions are available below:

Session 1: Healing Our Sick Planet

Session 2: Oceans and Water

Session 3: Breakdown in the Quality of Human Life: a Call to Conversion 

Session 4: Global Equality and Love of All Creation

Session 5: The Spirit of God Alive Today

Session 6 : Passion of Sister Earth Today 

Further details from Fr Paul in the Parish Office or Sister Jo Threlfall on 07949289902 or jo.threlfall@btinternet.com