All Christians wish to spread the message of God’s love through Christ, and the parish at Worth Abbey is no exception. The Faith Group RCIA is for those who are interested, intrigued or just curious about the Catholic Christian Faith, and also for those who definitely know they want to join.

The Faith Group meets every Wednesday evening in term time, excluding half terms, until Pentecost (7 weeks after Easter). The session begins at 8.00 pm in St. Benedict’s. The Gospel of the following Sunday is read and the parish priest leads a free and open discussion usually for about a quarter of an hour. He then introduces a further topic for discussion – it could be, for example, the humanity of Christ or authority in the church – and over the months the group will consider the main tenets of Catholic Christian thinking.

Anything or nothing can be said by the participants depending on how confident they feel or whether they are inspired to offer something either because they agree or they disagree.

These meetings often lead to members asking to be received into the Church and their reception will normally take place during the Easter Vigil.

Contact Fr Paul at parish@worth.org.uk or phone 01342 710313 if you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith.