Passing On Your Faith

How did you receive the Catholic faith? How do you share it with your family?

Fernanda Mee, a lay pastoral worker at St Joseph’s, Epsom, is conducting a survey as part of her research into the transmission of the Catholic faith in families in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton for her PhD thesis at St. Mary’s University, Strawberry Hill.

You are invited to participate in the survey by responding to the questionnaire Receiving and Passing on the Catholic Faith: a Survey of Family Life and Parenthood.  The questionnaire is very easy to complete and is completely anonymous. You do not need to disclose any personal data that may identify you, such as name, address or parish. You will not be contacted again.

Your contribution is very important, whether you are a cradle Catholic or a convert, whether you are an active member of the parish or an infrequent participant. You can complete it whether single, married, with or without children.

Many thanks for your contribution.