Funeral Mass for Father Richard (1930-2019), Friday 17th January 2020

Abbot Luke writes: Fr Richard died peacefully in hospital on Monday 30th December 2019. Fr Richard knew that he was near his end and was confident of God’s mercy.

He had been a faithful monk of Worth for nearly 60 years. He had many and various roles, and through these touched the lives of many: teaching in the School; 22 years on the mission in Peru; then different roles within the monastery, the School, and on the campus. He visited the United States in the summer on many occasions to assist on parishes. Despite failing health over the last years he persevered to the end in truly seeking God in prayer and community. He will be much missed. May he rest in peace.

Fr Richard’s funeral will take place at 2.00pm on Friday 17th January in the Abbey Church. All are very welcome to attend.