End Hunger Week, 13th – 21st October 2018

It is simply not right that many people in Britain are unable to access good food, and have to go to bed hungry.

End Hunger Week 2018 is a chance for community groups, individuals, community activists, foodbanks and other charities to step up their call for change in their areas, by showing the root causes of hunger and how they could be tackled, and rallying support for a stronger, more compassionate society.

During End Hunger Week please sign the petition asking the Prime Minister to fix Universal Credit.

We all rely on the welfare safety net being there for us in times of financial stress or hardship but Universal Credit is failing in this task.

In areas where Universal Credit has been rolled out, foodbanks and other food aid providers report a surge in the numbers pushed into greater debt, destitution and hunger as a result of delays, errors, a lack of flexibility and adequate support.