CAFOD Lent Family Fast Day Appeal, 15th March 2019


Climate change affects us all. But it hits the poorest hardest, multiplying hunger, migration and conflict. If you already live on the edge, extreme weather events can push you over into ruin. With no financial or social safety net, a flood or a drought that destroys your home or your crops can leave you completely destitute.

CAFOD’s Lent Family Fast Day Appeal highlights the experience of Mahinur in Bangladesh, where floods, droughts and cyclones have damaged crops, homes, lives and income. Having made a living from fishing for most of her 40 years a drought last year meant the river outside her home ran dry and killed all the fish.  Mahinur was terrified. No river meant no fish. And that meant no food.

There are no fish in the river near Mahinur’s house anymore


Mahinur, her disabled husband and 12-year old son, are an example of a family that CAFOD hopes to reach thanks to the Lent appeal.

Read more about Mahinur’s story.




On Friday, 15th March, can you eat a simple meal in solidarity and give what you save to help people like Mahinur? Your Lenten gift can help families to support themselves – whatever the weather. Your donation will help Mahinur and reach others like her all over the world. It will feed. It will heal. It will comfort. Collect your Fast Day envelope from the table in the Narthex or Donate Online to the Lent Appeal.