CAFOD Harvest Family Fast Day, 5th October 2018

No one should drink water this dirty. Have a simple meal and what you give will save lives.

CAFOD asks us to fast, pray and give to help people like Longora, who lives in a remote village in Uganda. The area is so hot and dry, people used to struggle to get enough clean water to survive. A few years ago when Longora was in the last stages or pregnancy, she became seriously ill after drinking dirty water from a local river. She gave birth while she was still sick. Because of the water, her baby was also born seriously ill and later died. Thanks to the generosity of parishioners in England Wales, CAFOD has made sure Longora and her neighbours now have a reliable supply of clean, safe water.

On Family Fast Day CAFOD invites us to eat simply – perhaps having a bowl of soup instead of a meal – and give the money we save to help like Longora.

Please collect your Fast Day envelope in the Narthex and give what you can or you can donate online.