Brighton Mission

Fr Roderick and Fr Peter in Brighton

Abbot Luke writes: In the past Worth Abbey has had monastic communities in Lima (Peru) and in South London. We are now initiating a new venture in Brighton, where two monks, Dom Peter and Dom Roderick, will be living and working alongside the Wellspring Community. They are a community of young lay people, recognized by this diocese, and formed in their Benedictine spirituality by the monks of Worth Abbey. Their mission is to reach out to young people in East Brighton, an area which includes two parishes and two universities, and they work very closely with the Catholic parishes there. (To learn more:  Dom Roderick is now the Catholic Chaplain at Sussex University. He and Dom Peter will be working with Wellspring members in their mission.

I am hopeful that the Brighton Mission, as we are calling the venture, will be life-giving for the whole monastic community. There will be much to learn from living and working in a very different context. Dom Peter will be away till Easter 2020, when another monk will take up a similar role with Wellspring.

Please keep Fr Roderick, Fr Peter and the Wellspring Community in your prayers.