Parish Finances

Worth Abbey Parish finances are managed by the Parish Finance Committee (Chairman: Giles Horner). This is the only committee that canonically must exist in the parish.

Parish Tithe

Throughout the year the parish supports a number of charities through its Parish Tithe, donating 10% of its collections and related income to charities and other worthy causes.

While at appropriate times donations are made to national or international organisations (such as disaster relief funds) the emphasis is on those bodies which are local or have a local impact, are related to the Church or parishioners, and otherwise do not have ready access to funding. Their objectives are varied – from poverty relief and homelessness, working with people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged for whatever reason (including LIFE issues), as well as one-off projects meriting and needing support.

We welcome suggestions from parishioners, even if these cannot always be met. Please contact Fr Paul, Robin Williamson or Patricia Wallace, members of the Tithing Committee, with suggestions.